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Physician Contracts

Physician employment contracts can be difficult to understand since they usually contain complex legal verbiage. However, understanding the verbiage is critical to ensure your livelihood is protected during your employment and should you decide to move to another medical practice or hospital for employment. Hiring a physician contract lawyer is a great way to ensure that you understand everything within the agreement and that there are no surprises down the road.

The attorneys at Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC counsel physicians and other healthcare professionals on employment law, negotiating employment agreements, non-competes, and severance agreements. We will draft documents and review them to make sure you get a reasonable deal. You can trust our team of attorneys at Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC.


How We Can Help

We know you have several options when it comes down to hiring an attorney. However, Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC takes pride in serving physicians in the Chicagoland area. Our lawyers have several years of experience and understand the complexities of physician contracts. You can rest assured you are in capable hands.

We Know What to Look For

The healthcare industry is subject to intensive regulation. As such, contracts differ when compared to other sectors. Not only do they require specific sections and fine print, but the use of those terms can be difficult to understand and potentially impact your employment terms.

An experienced attorney will review the contract and tell you what should and should not be in the contract and what points of the contract to push back on to ensure your interests are protected. At Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC, we will do everything in our power to ensure the terms of the contract favor you and do not unnecessarily restrict your options.

We Can Negotiate for You

Our attorneys have significant experience with physician contract negotiations, either directly, or counseling our clients behind the scenes.  We take pride in our ability to know if a contract is fair. Many individuals sell themselves short and agree to a salary and other terms that are much worse than needed. An attorney will help you get the best deal possible.

We Will Review Non-Compete Clauses

Before signing any contracts, you need to watch out for a non-compete clause. An employer drafts their agreements with their best interests in mind. This interest means that you could struggle to obtain a job in the same locality if you ever left the employer’s practice. Or, if you do wish to obtain other employment, you may be forced to pay a hefty fee to terminate the non-compete.

Non-compete clauses usually restricts you from seeking employment within a certain distance/radius of their facility providing services similar to the ones you provided to the employer.

Mohammed, Shamaileh & Tabahi, LLC looks out for your best interest and will ensure that any non-competition clauses offer you the opportunity to work someplace else when you leave the job. You also want to ensure the contract does not prevent you from one day starting your own practice or joining another group in the future. Our attorneys are aware of what the standard practices are within this area and what is and is not legally permissible for your employers.


We Make Sure Everything Is in Writing

A complete contract is one that documents all materials terms of the employment in writing. All too often, an employer will make oral promises but refuse to include the terms in the contract. That is a recipe for misunderstandings and frustrations down the road. A good attorney will ensure all promises are in writing and enforceable, and that you understand exactly what the employer expects from you, and what you can expect from the employer. Contact one of our attorneys today.