Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Alumni Spotlight Newsletter Features Alumnus Furqan Mohammed for the Legal Assistance He is Providing to Struggling Taxi Medallion Owners in Chicago

Furqan Mohammed was featured by his alma mater law school for the work he has been doing to help hard-hit taxi medallion owners and operators in Chicago.  Ever since transportation network providers like Uber and Lyft were permitted to operate in the city under a more laxed set of regulations, the taxi medallion (a city-issued license to pick up passengers) plummeted in value from $370,000 to $35,000.  Furqan Mohammed has been recognized as a leading authority on taxi medallion debt renegotiations and settlements in Chicago.  The full article can be found here: https://www.luc.edu/law/stories/archive/steppingup.shtml.


North Central College’s ConVerge Entrepreneur Booster Series Invites Attorneys Amro Shamaileh and Furqan Mohammed to Speak on Panel About Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs

Furqan Mohammed and Amro Shamaileh were invited as speakers by the North Central College’s ConVerge2018 Startup Business Booster Series in Naperville.  Along with Randy Micheletti of IncubateIP who spoke on patent and intellectual property, Furqan and Amro presented on corporate and employment considerations for entrepreneurs and startups.  More information about North Central College’s innovative ConVerge Startup Accelerator can be found here: https://www.convergenaperville.org.

Chicago Dispatcher, Chicago’s Premiere Newspaper Educating the Public About Chicago’s Transportation Industry, Interviews Attorney Furqan Mohammed About His Work with Taxi Medallion Owners

Furqan Mohammed was interviewed in the December 2017 edition of the Chicago Dispatcher, Chicago’s premiere newspaper educating taxi drivers, public chauffeurs and the riding public about issues affecting Chicago’s transportation industry.  Among other things, Furqan discussed his work with medallion owners renegotiating and settling taxi medallion debt, his relationship with AFSCME/Cab Drivers United, and his thoughts on the future of the taxi industry.