MST Law’s Amro Shamaileh and Furqan Mohammed Speak at Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis (IFGSTL) Mosque on Islamic Estate Planning.

MST Law Founders Amro Shamaileh and Furqan Mohammed were
requested to speak on a panel on Islamic Estate Planning by the Islamic Foundation of
Greater St. Louis (IFGSTL). Among other topics, the speakers discussed the importance
and requirements of an estate plan from an Islamic and secular perspective. More
information about the event can be found on the IFGSTL website:

Furqan Mohammed Speaks at WE Women’s Expo

MST Founder Furqan Mohammed was introduced as a distinguished guest at the WE Women’s Expo held at the Waterford Banquet in Elmhurst, Illinois. The Expo was a highly anticipated a networking event for minority-owned businesses. Over 75 booths and stalls were on display at the Expo, and featured traditional Indian dancing and several keynote speakers.

Furqan Mohammed Invited to Speak at CLE Panel Hosted by South Asian Bar Association (SABA) on the Fight to Save Chicago’s Taxi Industry

MST Principal Attorney Furqan Mohammed spoke at a CLE panel titled the “Fight to Save Chicago’s Taxi Industry.” Furqan, along with co-panelist Attorney Lynn Preshad, spoke about the decimation of the taxi industry in Chicago after the rise of Transportation Network Providers (TNPs) like Uber and Lyft, the disproportionate effect this has had on South Asian communities, and what Furqan and Lynn are doing to defend these taxi drivers.

Chicago Tribune Cites MST Founder Furqan Mohammed in News Article about Decimation of Taxi Industry

Chicago Tribune interviews and cites attorney Furqan Mohammed in news article titled “With Nearly Half of Chicago Cabs in Foreclosure or Idled, Cabbies’ Hopes Riding on New York-Style Ride-Share Limits.”  A link to the article can be found here:

Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Alumni Spotlight Newsletter Features Alumnus Furqan Mohammed for the Legal Assistance He is Providing to Struggling Taxi Medallion Owners in Chicago

Furqan Mohammed was featured by his alma mater law school for the work he has been doing to help hard-hit taxi medallion owners and operators in Chicago.  Ever since transportation network providers like Uber and Lyft were permitted to operate in the city under a more laxed set of regulations, the taxi medallion (a city-issued license to pick up passengers) plummeted in value from $370,000 to $35,000.  Furqan Mohammed has been recognized as a leading authority on taxi medallion debt renegotiations and settlements in Chicago.  The full article can be found here: